New Blog Launch:

Hello, everyone! I can see that some of you are still sticking up to this blog. Thank you for your continued support. I love this blog so much that I won’t delete this. I didn’t even delete my kinda immature and grammatically posts way back 2009. I will keep it that way. 

I will still be posting random shenanigans here once in awhile, so, guys, look forward to it. Hehe.

So, let’s go back to my new blog. A SUNNY HAPPINESS is a fruit of labor and love. Buying my own domain makes me wanna roll on the floor. I would like to thank the coolest webmaster ever! Sir Windee. He has been an on hands adviser when it comes to this blogging thing. It really make me regret about not taking the geeky course in college. Huhu. 

Anyway, that blog will be the ORGANIZED (I guess) blog while this one will be the RANDOM. I thinking of buying the a domain for this but I still have to think about it for now, plus, tight budget. 

So far, I am enjoying my self hosted blog :) 

But then, as this blog is very special to me, this blog is still home, another home where I grew. char. 

Good luck to me and my blogging journey! 


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No Game, No Life: 空 / Sora Inspired Outfit

Yep, guys. I’m up for an anime-inspired OOTD again. My last OOTD was inspired by Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece. 

What I love about wearing anime-inspired outfit is you got to wear something similar or part of to your favorite character. It is like discretely cosplaying but not really. It is less expensive but it is a different way of showing your support to that certain character/series, So yeah,  as much as I/we love to show up to class or the office in our favorite character in full costume, it just can’t. There’s the required uniform and we just have to follow that! The solution (especially on a holiday/wash day/no uniform day)? Do a closet cosplay. Basically, theming or matching clothes to come up an anime-inspired outfit.

For this post, Sora of the anime No Game No Life is my inspiration. The anime is far more than the games, strategies and the story. It has a lot of life lessons too. What are those? Then, watch the series!

Click Photo for Source

By the way, 空 / Sora is a brilliant NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamer along with his step-sister, Shiro. He is the main male protagonist of No Game, No Life and the cunning and manipulative half of the siblings. He has a lackadaisical hate towards life and is pretty much dedicated only to gaming. One day, he and his sister are called into an alternate world after they defeated Tet in chess. Sora's biological father (no relation to Shiro) married Shiro's biological mother (no relation to Sora), thus making Shiro and Sora only step-siblings.

His yellow shirt which has a kanji text that means, “I (heart) Humanity)” is the part where I got the inspiration of this OOTD.

Front of the shirt 

Back view :) 
I’m a bit proud to say that it is self-printed. *confetti* The shirt cost me a less than a hundred peso because I already have a silk screen and some Tulco paints :)

On my way to ....

I wore my ever reliable pedal jeans (or whatever) and a random comfy red shoes. Lucky to found the violet under shirt at my mom’s closet. Teehee, no make-up, just filters :)

Thank you Alyssa for tolerating all my craziness :) Thank you for taking the pictures :) Credits goes to her. 

Now, I'll be leaving you a quote from Sora!

#Throwback: OTACON 2011

The last cosplay event happened in Ormoc City (in my place) was four years ago. Yes, four long years already. October 27-30, 2011—a date to remember (for me)

It was a four-day event that features the best DOTA players and cosplayers in the region. Unlike bigger cities in the Philippines, the cosplay/otaku thingy is not that popular in my place (except to those who are passionate with the craft) The past few years, it was already gaining popularity in the Region – from Samar, Northern Leyte, Southern Leyte and Biliran Province. I could also say that Tacloban and Baybay are more active with this.

Going back to my throwback post, Otacon 2011 is a memorable event to me despite the issues that came up after the event. The event became a sort of a turning point of my closet anime fan life. I’ve been an anime fan for more or less a decade already, watched a lot of different genres. I also became a manga otaku/fan ever since I graduated high school. I’ve read almost a hundred titles of manga. Made my hard disk turn red with lotsa anime/manga stuff. Then, I heard about this dress up thing where you would look, act and dress like an anime character on TV and I didn’t flinch about it before. Around 2010, when I become a more engrossed citizen of the internet (lol), a social media soul, a blogger (without a purpose yet because I didn’t know I was a already a blogger back then. haha) that’s when I got interested with the “cosplay” thing. I search and search, thanks to Google-sensie. Then I heard, an small event in my home town, I went there, just a plain curious cat only  to find out that the date was moved. So, it was a fail, really. I was sad; I just said to myself that there’s always a next time. And the next time came, OTACON 2011, I slap my face to make it thick, gathered my will and confidence and force my way, (sort of) to join the organizing committee of the event. It was not on purpose though, I just want to know the details so the thing that happened last year won’t happen again, but well, I ended up a volunteer. Volunteer, meaning I didn’t get any in return. But hey, being a backstage person isn’t that bad. It’s tiring yet fun and fulfilling. It’s just like blogging—the blogger is a backstage person, the posts are the events organized, the readers are the con attendee, the sponsors and expectators. (so much with the comparison. lol.)

I regret nothing on dragging my four non-anime friends (Alyssa, Marissa, Wynel and Kyle) Well, they now know how much I love the craft, even though, I have a love-hate relationship with it.

Anyway, below are the mementos I managed to keep after all these years! (Some photos looked LQ, what the hell happened google?!)
Thanks friends for keeping up with my weirdness :) A random Haruhi and a random Gakuen Alice student 

Groufie when groufie is not yet a word back then :) (no one is wearing a wig no?)

Obligatory restroom photo after changing to costumes :)
Times when cosplay make-up and contact lens are not yet on our vocabulary :)

I can’t caption these photos :) Saree!

With chibi Hisoka by Kuya Weng :)

She was holding a nice camera, so we thought she might want our photo. LOL. Nah, just pure kapalmukness. Thank you Girl In Red Dress!

Kyle trolling at the back :)
Alodia giving posters :)
Wynel, Marissa, Alyssa, Angelo (LOL. Angelo) Miss Naytot and ....


I wouldn't say it was my first time to cosplay because all I did was wear a costume, but well, it was my first time to wear a costume based on my favorite character. It was really fun. It was my first time to saw a cosplay skit and sing out loud on my favorite anisons :) I wish to have an official shoot as Haruhi Suzumiya in full costume.

Anyhow, it was an awesome night! Wishing there would be more cosplay events in our place so I won’t go too far just to visit a con (except on major con events. Save up and never miss that!)

Four years, huh?! Is it the time again for another cosplay event in Ormoc? Are you guys ready for another event? Me, of course I am. Who wouldn’t? I am excited to see my fellow kababayan who are into my hobby too. So, what do you think guys? Do you have a similar experience? Hit some of your thoughts in the comment section below :)


I did promise not to share any negativity, ranting or bad vibes on my blog. I overhauled/re-launch this site and said to myself that I will be a better blogger who will inspire others through positivity BUT a certain Disney Pixar film made me realize things.

Sometimes, sadness is important in order to fully understand the true meaning of happiness. 
Oh. Tweet that. That is my personal realization after watching Inside Out! (Note to self: Gonna write a review)

Warning: This is not a SURVIVOR story but a viewer’s POV

So, before I go into my planned blog entries let me just share my thoughts on a recent bad news happened in my hometown. I was born in Pasig but I grew up in a quiet and peaceful city in the heart of Leyte. My dad is a homegrown Leyteño. I’m part Tagalog and part Bisaya. Both can understand and speak the dialects.

Anyway, people here thinks that the only time our place would be included on the “trending list” slash headlines (local or worldwide) are during the times of distress and tragedies. To mention a few, there’s the 1991 Flashflood, UNITOP Fire Tragedy and the super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Despite the unfortunate events happened in Ormoc people here stayed resilient and wears the warmest smile, after all, Ormoc City is not just the City of Queen Pineapples or the City by the bay, Ormoc City is also the city with the most resilient hearts. (But hey, come on, there are more to Ormoc than these unfortunate events, I tell you.)

Yet another unexpected and unfortunate event happened. It was all on the news yesterday, CNN, ABS-CBN, GMA, it was the talk of the town. Yes, the capsized M/B Kim Nirvana B which as of this moment, as I wrote this entry, took 38 lives and 17 still missing. It was heartbreaking listening to the news on the radio as we work yesterday.

Photo credits to Miquicar Photo Studio

After lunch, I hurriedly went to the bank for some personal matters. I overheard from the bank guards that they think there was a boat on fire based on the fire truck passing by. I didn’t mind it because I thought it was nothing serious. After my personal matters was done, I was shock to see people running to the port, I got curious and walk along with the people, my feet got me to the pump boat port.

There I saw this.

Screen shot from the video I took yesterday..

It was a frightening sight. It was my first time to see a capsized sea vessel, in flesh, and it was really scary knowing that there are people inside fighting for their lives or in need of help.

I asked a fellow curious cat what happened, blah blah blah, same on the news…

The story of the interviewed survivor kid on the radio pricks my heart. He was separated from his mom and siblings, he swam himself to survive. Now, I’m still wondering if he’s reunited with his mom.

There’s also a story from what I’ve heard (unconfirmed, though) that there’s a recovered dead woman who was still holding her bag pack and was tightly tied unto her. There was a large amount of money inside that bag.

My facebook newsfeed floods with updates on the Ormoc Bay mishap. It was depressing and distracting. Makapanghinuktok.

My heart goes for the victims of the mishap, everyone, the survivors, the departed, the relatives of the victims and the Captain (because, I guess he will be the first to be questioned because he is the head of that boat) who is also a victim and lost her beloved love ones.

As far as I know, the coast guard would check everything out first before allowing a pump boat to go (according to my experience whenever I ride something like this on my way to Camotes) but what happened? Why did the pump boat management allowed to load lots of passengers and shipments? Was there really an overloading issue? A human error? What really happened? These are just a few questions that we all want answers. As they say, accidents are unpredictable but surely it can be prevented, right?

The efforts of the rescuers and the responding team are highly acknowledge but reality check, it is not really enough. You did your best, guys, and rescuing on waters is not that easy.

I was once a first aider myself and real life situation is really different from simulations and training.

It is really easy to say not to panic. But if you are in the situation it’s really hard to cool your heads and think of a better solutions especially if your life is at stake. Honestly, I would panic too. According to the movie, Life of PI, “The water won’t kill you, panic will” So, yeah, never panic.

What really struck me was the name of the capsized boat. To think, I was on that boat on my home to Ormoc from my Camotes staycation last two weeks ago. I slept on it, step foot on it, which was also my first time on that motor boat because I used to ride the Junmar pump boat and now it was wrecked and I really can’t imagine it, like…. My mind roamed to the idea of what if, (simbako!) that certain unfortunate event happened to me? I can’t swim, ohemgee. Will I survive? Will I panic too? #OverthinkerVianna

For now, I won’t ride a pump boat, maybe for a year? Or enroll a swimming class?  

Let’s pray for the victims.

Soree jaaa~

Dog Show Fun Match 2015 + Stop Yulin Festival Forever!

Dog/pet lovers unite!

The Mega Bites Kennel and the Ormoc City Veterinary Services Office in collaboration with the Fiesta Executive Committee 2015, Canis Familiaris Association of Ormoc and Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (Eastern Visayas Chapter) presents the Dog Show Fun Match 2015 at the front of Ormoc City Superdome, an event not only for dog lovers and owners to show off their beloved pets but to everyone who love pets (pet owner or not).

It was a half day fun event and as a dog lover myself, I can’t afford not to witness this affair. So basically, I just want to share my experience and my photo spam of dogs to all of you as an expectator and a fellow pet lover.

Me and my little sis arrived at the city proper at 3:15, though it said at the tarp that it will start at 3:00 (hey, we’re Pinoys. The F time, ayt?)

What I really regret was not reading the whole tarp properly before. At the bottom part said that there will be a free check-up, vaccination, castration, neutering and spraying of dogs and cats conducted by PVMA at 1:00 on the same day. Heck, should I know, I could have brought Miku, Haru and WanWan! (Miku and Haru is my lovable cats and Wanwan is my pretty dog. Tehehe) I want Haru to be vaccinated, since Miku and Wanwan is done with their shots just this January. I want Miku to be check because she’s getting older and she is lighter than before. And I want to confirm if Wanwan is pregnant already. If she’s positive, this is the first time I will have pregnant dog! 

Anyway, enough of my pets, going back to the event, I felt a rush of excitement seeing dogs with leashes connected to their owners. It’s not my first time to see a large dog but certainly it’s my first time to see a lot of them, I mean sort of a whole pack, especially those K9 units (I don’t know their breed but the usual dogs police/army have when they have operations, you know, the bomb sniffing dogs and churvabells)

I didn’t wait long because it started as soon as the registration was done. And yeah, a lot has registered! The judge, if I remember it right is a professor from Visayas State University and an experienced judge when it comes to an event like that.

My expectation before it started was there will be a trick show of some sort. Hahaha! I was damn wrong.

Starting up with small breeds, the crowds can’t help but sigh and drown with cuteness of these creatures! If only they could fit inside my bag. LOL. 

Small breed champion

Up next is the medium breeds who are as equally as cute as the small breeds. My favorite is the black lion-like dog. He is like a baby black grizzly bear with too much fur on the neck, his tongue is black too.  (I don’t know the breed, though)

The connection between Jafar and his owner...

Then, it was time for the scary-looking (because they are huge) yet harmless canines, the large breeds. It’s my first time to see a huge Great Dane (A black Scooby Doo) waah, I was in awe!

Little sis enjoying and a bit scared while watching the show!

Overheard a (funny) conversation at my back: (rough translation. Haha)

Girl 1: Look at that dog, it’s so big! (Referring to the Great Dane)

Girl 2: It does not look like a dog, ui. It’s a carabao!

Don't go yet...

After the ‘All Breeds’ event, it was time for the American Bully! Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish watching the event because responsibilities and work is calling me. But, I really enjoyed watching the dog show; I really had fun watching different types of dogs, from the smallest to the largest, to the furry and without furs at all.

Prizes at stake!

Event sponsors. Thank you, sponsors!

Realization struck me as I read an article about Yulin Festival being cancelled is not true. It’s like meanwhile in our place (the dog show/National Aspin (Asong Pinoy) Day and meanwhile in China, slaughtering, stealing, cooking and eating cats and dogs.

I am not particularly angry on China/ YuLin people because I know we have different customs and traditions and I respect theirs BUT is there a way they can change that? No? Okay.

My small voice has a 0.0000000000000000000000001 percent to be heard. I am not a vegetarian. In fact, I consider myself an omnivore. I am not against eating dog, cat, snake, pigs etc. What I oppose is animal cruelty!

I’ve read some articles that Yulin Festival is the same as the Lechon Festival of the Philippines. Yes, both festivals involve slaughtering of animals but hey, the two festivals have aspects that are crucially different. Experts claimed Yulin is illegal, Lechon festival is not and the list goes on. This is a long and sensitive topic. Anyhow, I wish that the Yulin Festival will stop forever, the animal cruelty will stop forever. Dogs, cats, pets are friends not food! (Line reference from Finding Nemo. Hahaha, right, the sharks)

Ana baya ang mga tiguwang, “Ayaw pandahug ug manananap kay muabot ra dawn a mubawos sila” Translate this please…

Recalling my memories of the Dog Show, I thought to myself that the dogs I’ve seen on that day were lucky to have awesome owners. Miku, Haru and Wanwan, I guess, are lucky to have me/us.

A little bit of good vibes I found on facebook!
Click photo for source!

Love your pets, mates. You can’t buy loyalty and friendship, it’s a give and take process, love them and they will love you in return! Stop Animal Cruelty! 


Hello, everyone! just a short update...

R E A D I N G Mairunovich manga.

W R I T I N G some drafts of my future blog entries, like the dog show I went to and my version of a Decora style.

L I S T E N I N G to Ansatsu no Kyushitsu opening

T H I N K I N G of looking for a part time job.

S M E L L I N G my hair. LOL. Conditioner pa more.

W I S H I N G for an awesome opportunity to knock on my door.

L O V I N G Ansatsu no Kyushitsu now. Kore-sense, best sensei!

W A N T I N G to buy a cake for my dad and grandpa.

N E E D I N G to update and read past blog entries I missed.

F E E L I N G awesome and excited for the dog show. I really love dogs and cats. I am certainly a  pet lover, that’s why I didn’t missed the chance to watch a free dog show.

W E A R I N G a purple turtle neck blouse and checkered shorts for the dog show!


YEY. It’s FATHER’S DAY! Happy Father’s Day to my awesome, great and super gwapo PAPA! You are the best dad ever. You would always say (when you are drunk) that you are not a good provider but hell, you are the best father. We love you and stay as cool and awesome, Pops!

Ahh, I haven’t done a Sunday Currently for a while~ that’s it for now, mates. See you soonest.

Mix and Match: June Collection

This is a spur of the moment entry; I still have a lot of things to share. Oh, backlogs!

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to take photos of everything but photography for me is a complicated thing. I don’t have a basic knowledge about it (my brother told me a lot of technical terms but nah) all I know is you need to have a proper lighting, angle and such. But whenever I see awesome photos circulating around the internet, I would always wonder how a certain photographer could capture a certain extravagant moment. And I have this mentality that if they can do it, then I can too. Try and try, go lang ng go. BUT I’m not a super girl that I can do what I want. Photography needs a lot of practice and experience. So with this post, please bear with the photos I’ve taken. Randomness strikes again.

A little backstory of this mini-shoot. It’s Saturday, meaning No Uniform day. It’s ‘Rampa’ Day (wear all you want b’tches) at the office. I just have this strong urge to take photos of Ate Renefel’ and the gang’s OOTD. LOL. 

Again, I am not a fashion blogger/photographer. This is random and I just want to share it here. Why Mix and Match? I believe my impromptu models have different fashion sense when it comes to choosing what they want to wear. They have MIX fashion sense that I (think) MATCH them into this random post. LOL. Well, comfort before fashion, right. Seriously, moffice mates has a hang-over on ASIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL 3! that's why this happened (partly)

Note: This blog post is posted on my break and used my own resources to post this! 

Renefel with her one piece dress and comfy sandals!
Ola, amiga!


R and R!

Kendra! Stunningly gorgeous in her blue polo!

Kabilya Foundation Founders!

Julie and the heels!

And tentenenen... le me, the photographer-photographer / art director / editor  and lolol!
I'm always the free-spirited, child-like and shonga in the group!

Well, except me, who do you think has the most awesome pose? hahaha. *coughs rainbows* Drop it on the comment section below.

So, that's it for now! See you on my next post! :))